Medical Negligence in Ireland

You have received a medical diagnosis and you have a feeling that something was done wrong. You may have been mistreated in a hospital or by a doctor and as a result you suffer additional pain and trauma in your life that you do not deserve.

As a law firm who handle medical malpractice cases our medical negligence solicitors are familiar with everything from failure to diagnose cases to improperly performed surgery, inadequate follow up treatment, bad advice, improper treatment from misdiagnosis and more.

You may be a victim of medical negligence in Ireland or carelessness and are suffering serious injuries. You don't know where to turn for answers. You want to find a medical negligence solicitor Ireland to get quality advice, but your choices are overwhelming. Check out our advice on ‘Choosing the Right Solicitor for You’ as it provides guidance that will help you choose which legal firm is right for you. Become informed. Educate yourself before ever picking up the phone to call a medical negligence solicitor. Once you arm yourself with this information, you will be ready to make the right choice.

Examples of Medical Negligence in Ireland

Cosmetic Surgery Clinics

Many clinics providing cosmetic surgery are operating on the fringes of the medical profession. While they operate from fancy surgeries and produce glossy brochures, further investigation can often turn up disturbing facts. Many of the doctors providing the service are based in the UK or elsewhere and come to the clinic only periodically to perform the surgery. Therefore when things go wrong afterwards, they are not available to give advice and patients are left in the hands of a nurse or even dumped back into the hands of their GP or local hospital to clean up the mess. The level of professional indemnity insurance is frequently inadequate. Often it is difficult to identify the legal identity of the provider of the service which may turn out to be a limited company with no assets.

Heart Problems

One recurring theme is where the patient continues to complain to the doctor about ongoing chest pain. The doctor may do certain diagnostic tests and misinterpret them or not realize the significance of the test results. The patient may be lulled into a false sense of security believing the ongoing pain is unrelated to any heart problem.

Natal Care

Having a baby can be the most beautiful thing in the world. However, a failure to timely recognize a baby in distress can be life-altering. Lack of oxygen at the time of delivery can lead to permanent and irreversible brain damage. Seizures, multi-system organ failure and cerebral palsy, are all injuries that can result from improper medical care before and during delivery.


Erbs Palsy and Klumpke's Palsy

During a delivery, a baby's shoulder can become stuck under the mother's pubic bone. When this happens, it is known as a shoulder dystocia. If the shoulder remains stuck, the baby could suffer significant problems including lack of oxygen during the birth process. If an obstetrician pulls on the baby's head in an attempt to try and get the shoulder unstuck, it could result in permanent nerve injury to the baby resulting in a lifelong injury to all arm and hand. This is known as erbs palsy.


Failure to Diagnose Cancer

There are often telltale signs of cancer; a breast lump a woman feels during self-exam, a nodule that is seen on an x-ray but misread, elevated tumor markers in various blood tests. The failure to recognize these signs lead an unsuspecting patient on a downward path toward a terrible and often deadly disease. Early intervention and treatment is the key in extending your life expectancy.


Surgical mistakes

Misadventure in the operating room that is not recognized at the time it occurs and scratch that can have drastic consequences. Surgical errors, mistakes, and improperly performed surgery can have devastating results for the patient and their family.


Emergency Room Errors

When a doctor or nurse in an emergency room fails to properly diagnose a condition and sends a patient home without treatment, that could prove deadly. Many errors that occur in an emergency rooms are preventable. Find out whether the injuries that you suffered were from improper medical care or whether they were a consequence of whatever brought you to the emergency room in the first place.


Eye Doctor Errors

Cataract surgery, LASIK surgery and retina surgery are all common procedures done by eye doctors. Improperly performed eye surgery can have lasting consequences that may severely limit your ability to see in one or both eyes. As with any medical procedure, there are risks. It is the ophthalmologist's obligation to fully inform you about the risks, benefits, and alternatives before proceeding forward with any eye surgery.


Gynecology Errors and Mistakes

Improperly performed gynecologic surgery; misread lab tests and incorrectly performed office procedures can have devastating consequences. An unrecognized injury during surgery can be deadly. While recognizing that most doctors are conscientious and want to help you as a patient, there are some physicians who are careless at a particular point in time. That negligence can cause you permanent and irreversible injury.


Gallbladder Surgery

Most gallbladder surgery is done laparoscopically. This means that a doctor uses fiberoptic tools to remove the gallbladder through a mini-incision. There are many benefits to undergo laparoscopy instead of laparotomy. However, the failure to recognize injury to the common bile duct often occurs when the physician improperly clips or cuts the common bile during a laparoscopic gallbladder removal.


Anesthesia Errors

Anesthesia errors can be deadly. A failure to properly intubate a patient, the failure to recognize that a patient is deteriorating during surgery, improperly administered and over medicating a patient, can all have deadly consequences. An anesthesiologist is a doctor who gives you medication to prevent you from feeling pain during a surgical procedure.


Failure to Diagnose Heart Attacks

Failure to recognize the signs and symptoms of a heart attack can prove deadly. Doctors use a medical term known as a myocardial infraction when part of the heart dies from lack of blood flow. A heart attack can kill off part of the heart, causing the other parts of the heart to work overtime and stress itself. In some cases, if heart disease is recognized early enough, medication and treatment can greatly reduce the chance of suffering a permanent, life-long cardiac injury or even death.


Emergency Room Screw-ups

You go to an emergency room believing that you'll get the best care for your medical emergency. The doctors are well-trained, the staff knows what they're doing, the doctors are going to get you better. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. Although most doctors and nurses do their very best to get you healthy, there are numerous cases of inattention and carelessness that result in permanent injury in emergency rooms.


Dental Errors and Mistakes

Dental malpractice can affect your smile, your diet and your daily life. A dentist is obligated to treat patients in accordance with good and accepted dental practice. Root canals, apicoectomies and dental implants are common procedures that have varying risks, benefits, and possible alternatives. A dentist is required to fully inform you about your choices and options prior to starting any dental treatment.


Wrongful Death Cases

O’Shea Legal represent clients who have suffered injuries or relatives of persons who have dies as a result of car accidents and medical negligence. Retaining us to review your car injury case gives you the advantage of a solo practitioner determined to get you best results for your injury.


Lawsuits Involving Children's Injuries

O’ Shea Legal represent children and victims who have suffered injuries or death as a result of car accidents and medical negligence involving injuries to children. Retaining oshealegal to review your injury case gives you the advantage of a solo practitioner determined to get you best results for your injury.


Negligence Cases

Medical Negligence cases in Ireland involve all types of accidents. Slip & fall, trip & fall, store accidents, accidents at home or a friend's home, or visiting someone. Using a defective product or piece of machinery falls under the 'negligence' heading. Car accidents, dog bites, lead poisoning, landlord not having proper smoke alarms causing damage; also fall within the 'negligence' heading. O’Shea Legal have been dealing with medical negligence claims for over 25 years. We have helped injured victims get the compensation they deserve. Learn more about your case. Learn how we can help you, and most importantly, learn your legal rights. Read through this website, look at our 'Frequently Asked Questions' (FAQ’s) section, and call us with any questions you have.

Our Promise to you:

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Why use O’Shea Legal?

As expert medical negligence solicitors we will:

  • Help you get the treatment you need to recover;
  • Help you sort your insurance;
  • Process your injury claim;
  • Get you maximum compensation you deserve;
  • Recover lost wages, medical bills, costs etc
  • Remove all the worry and hassle from you.

O’Shea Legal can help you to claim compensation for any medical negligence caused in Ireland by the fault of another person. You will be entitled to claim damages to recover your losses where you can prove negligence (fault) on the part of another person. We have over 25 years expertise in handling medical negligence claims in Ireland and have successfully settled many claims involving all sorts of injuries including misdiagnosis, improper treatment, cosmetic surgery gone wrong, breast implant problems, back injury, brain damage, birth injury, scarring, chest injury, post traumatic stress, hand injury, facial injury and very serious injuries such as brain damage, paraplegia and many more.

We understand the trauma you suffer after a medical procedure and we will help you to cope and to remove the worry and stress so that you can concentrate on your recovery. We have a professional team of experts to evaluate all aspects of your claim to ensure you get the compensation you deserve. We have developed a high level of expertise during many years of settlement negotiations with insurance companies .Therefore we at O’Shea Legal can claim for you the substantial compensation you deserve for your injury and trauma. Have a look at the testimonials from some of our clients below.

What is my injury worth?

Have a look at our ‘Claims Calculator’- If you have a specific injury which occurred as a result of a road accident you might want to check our claim calculator page to see how much compensation you are entitled too.

We will assess your claim for free and if you want to file a claim we will process your claim without asking you for fees upfront. We at O’Shea Legal recover most of our fees from the insurance company when a claim is successfully concluded and our priority is to ensure you get maximum compensation.



Before you do anything else, email us your name and telephone number or call or text us now for your free legal advice on medical negligence. We'll give you our expert opinion and tell you everything you need to know about making a claim. Its then up to you to decide whether you wish to make a claim. You will be under no obligation or pressure at any time.


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